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Pet Solutions First Aid Support Review

I am honored to have the chance to review Pet Solutions First Aid Support. Though the bottle says for ferrets and small animals, since I do not have any of these pets, I contacted Marshall Pet Products and asked if I could use this on my Siberian Husky, Maggie. She has terrible hot spots cause by flea dermatitis  She is on monthly flea medication but, if she comes into contact with any fleas her skin becomes terribly irritated.  They said it was fine, and they actually use it on their dog, also.

So, I began to use Pet Solutions First Aid Support on her skin. This is an all-natural product made with   Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water. It is amazing. It must give a cooling sensation because Maggie immediately stops chewing the area. If she begins to chew again, I apply the solution, and she stops. It is helping to heal her skin as well because the hair is starting to grow back after 2 weeks of using this.

Thank you Marshall Pet Products for the opportunity to review this product!

I was given a bottle of Pet Solutions First Aid Support in exchange for my review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions in this post are mine. If you would like to buy this product you can find it at your local Petco!

180XT Product Review- Eliminate Pet Odors!

If you have multiple pets, you know that sometimes they can have accidents, spray, mark their territory or other behaviors that leave nasty stains and smells in your house.

I have searched everywhere for a product that eliminates these stains and smells to no avail. I saw 180XT in my research, and thought it couldn’t hurt to e-mail the company.

I was offered a review of the product in return for my post of the review. I’m so glad I contacted Marshall’s Pet Products. Because, guess what? This product works!!!

I have a Siberian Husky/German Shepherd mix who likes to compete with my cat and mark his territory. Yes, gross, but a typical animal behavior. The place that he has picked is my son’s room. Specifically the bottom corner of the bed, on the floor. I applied the product onto the carpet stain as directed, scrubbed, and blotted.

I was absolutely amazed at what happened. The yucky, gross, urine stain transferred onto my blotting towel. I repeated for good measure until I stopped getting a transfer of stain onto the towel. The stain is virtually gone. I will keep my eye on it for return of odor but so far, so good.The product is also supposed to remove pheromones which signal an animal to mark. I’ll know it worked if the behavior lessens or stops. So, I’ll be sure to let you know what I find.

Just a warning, the smell when applying the product is somewhat unbearable, not the product itself, but the urine smell coming out. That, in itself, should signal to anyone that it is working.

Visit Marshall Pet Products site to purchase 180XT  Stain, Odor, Pheromone Remover. It worked on my stain. I’d love to hear if you have the same results.


Marshall Pet Products provided me with a 160z. bottle of 180XT Stain, Odor, Pheromone Remover in exchange for the posting of my review of their product. I was not compensated in any other way and the opinions posted in this review are solely mine.

Earth Balance Snack Review


I am so excited to have the opportunity to post this review! I recently had the chance to review Earth Balance’s new line of snack foods! I use their vegan buttery spread just about every day and I love it. Their snacks are equally as good!

I could definitely get in trouble if these were sold closer to me. Right now, they are available at Whole Foods, but will be at other retailers soon.

I was sent full-sized products of the P.B. Popps, Vegan Aged White Cheddar Puffs, Vegan Buttery Flavor Popcorn, and Vegan Aged White Cheddar Popcorn. What’s the best thing about these products? They are all vegan!

I couldn’t pick a favorite! The flavors were so amazing. There is no way you can tell they are not dairy products. The P.B. Popps and Aged Cheddar Puffs were a tie for me. The P.B. Popps were amazing. Strong peanut buttery flavor, coated popcorn pieces, and real peanuts all in a mix. The Aged White Cheddar Puffs were light and airy with a strong aged cheddar flavor. Like I said, tastes so close to real cheddar that I had to look at the ingredients!

I suggest you get to Whole Foods and check out Earth Balance’s new snack line, you’ll be instantly addicted!


I was provided products for review in exchange for my posting of such review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are solely mine.

Furry Friday 3/15/13

In today’s issue of Furry Friday I’m going to talk about fostering a dog or cat. Many rescues advertise “fosters needed”. People unfamiliar with the animal rescue process may not know what this means.

Foster homes are temporary homes that a rescue ,which does not have a physical shelter building, utilizes to be able to rescue more dogs or cats. Foster homes are the gateway between danger and a forever home. Foster parents provide an amazing service to a shelter or rescue. Without foster homes, the amount of animals saved would be greatly reduced.

Some people may think it’s cruel to house an animal and get it used to your home and family and then give it up. No, I don’t believe it’s cruel. What is cruel is unnecessary euthanization of healthy animals. Yes, the dog must adjust, but if there were no foster homes, the dog or cat would not have had a chance at all.

I’ve fostered a few times and no, it’s not easy. You get extremely attached and it is hard to see the dogs  (or cats) get adopted. However, it is extremely rewarding knowing that you helped a dog or cat get a new home.

My first foster

My first foster, Sosi!

I’m a big advocate for foster homes. It allows rescues to serve many more animals. If you are interested in fostering, contact your local shelter or rescue. They should have more information. You can even search the internet for rescue groups in your area needing fosters and complete the application right on their site.

Every rescue is different but all the ones I’ve fostered for covered all vet bills and provided crates, leashes, bowls, medication, and toys for the dog. One rescue even provided a stipend for food for the foster dog. Even though I’ve never fostered a cat, I’m sure most rules are the same. Visit Foster Dogs for more information on fostering.

So, if you’d like to help a rescue by housing a dog or cat temporarily…  do it! Become a dog or cat foster parent. It’s very rewarding!


Furry Friday 3/8/13

Today I’m going to do something a bit different. Instead of featuring dogs and cats available for adoption, I’m going to feature horses, cows, and other farm animals. Sometimes we forget that these animals often end up in shelters and need great homes, too.

The first two animals I am featuring today are horses, Shila and Aspen from Pets Come First, Inc. in Centre Hall, PA. Shila and Aspen are blind and were rescued from a cruelty case. They are unable to be ridden, but, would still make great companions. Aspen is a 10 year old female and Shila is a 9 year old Paint / Pinto female.




Next is Zelda, a llama from Southeast Llama Rescue in Lancaster, PA. Her post states that there is not much known about her at this time, but, once she is evaluated there will be more information. She was surrendered along with two other llamas, Ebony and Montana. They would like to keep the three together, if possible.


Mr. Bubbles is an adult, male, farm pig from Lollypop Farm, Humane Society of Greater Rochester, NY.

Marley is a sheep from the Humane Society of Ohio Valley, in Marietta, Ohio. She is a  two year old Navajo Churro Sheep with an awesome dread-lock hairstyle.





The next animal is Norman, who is a Holstein Steer. He is one-and-a-half years old and as sweet as can be. He is well-socialized and would love a home with other animals. He walks well on a lead and loves his chin rubbed and scratched. Please visit his post or MSPCA at Nevin’s Farm website for more details.

The last animal for this edition of Furry Friday is Petunia. She is a farm pig available for adoption from The Humane Society of Wichita County, TX. Visit the shelter’s web page for more information on sweet Petunia.

Petunia smelling a flower!

I hope you enjoyed this farm-friendly edition of Furry Friday! As always, Furry Friday is in no way sponsored by any of the shelters or rescues featured or Petfinder. It is simply my way of showing my readers the many animals available for adoption.


Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates Review

I am so overwhelmed by the generosity of all the companies I have been dealing with recently. Sjaak’s sent me a box full of vegan chocolates to review, not just samples, but full-sized products. I am very grateful for the opportunity to taste their chocolate. The fact that it is delicious is great, too!

Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates is a family owned company that produces yummy  organic chocolates. They use fair-trade, sustainable and non-GMO ingredients and  facilitate a positive work environment.

While not all of their products are vegan, they do have a good amount of vegan chocolates and all the products I was sent are vegan. All products are organic, vegan or not.

Now, for the review. I was sent three of their new  Eli’s Earth Bars, The Celebrate Bar, Treasure Bar and Dream Big Bar. The Celebrate Bar (coconut and almonds) was my favorite flavor. It tasted like a milk chocolate, gooey but not as sweet, Almond Joy bar. I loved the fact that the Eli’s Earth Bars are not sickening sweet. It makes them easier to eat. Although, you will probably want to savor each bite. They are that good. 

I was also sent the Almond Butter Bunny and Organic Peanut Butter CrunchEgg.  They were very delectable. I could not tell the difference between these and dairy chocolate. I would love to get an Easter basket full of these for Easter!

Almond Butter Bunny

I was also lucky enough to be able to review their dark chocolate bars. I didn’t even get to taste the Chocolate with Creamy Caramel bar (my son stole it away from me). He loved it! He wanted another one. The Dark Chocolate Raspberry bar was delicious and the Extra Dark Chocolate 70% was very rich and tasty.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bar

The treasure at the bottom of the box was an assortment of Dark Chocolate Truffles. There is something about chocolate and coconut that I love. Does it surprise you the coconut was my favorite? Funny, I really don’t like coconut unless it’s paired with chocolate. I’m not a huge fan of truffles, but, I did enjoy the coconut flavor. I generally prefer a big, gooey, candy bar!

Take a look at Sjaak’s site and order some yummy goodness, vegan style!

I was provided with products to review in exchange for my posted opinion of the products. Thank you Sjaak’s for the opportunity!

Furry Friday 3/1/13

As promised, this week’s Furry Friday will include cats available for adoption in each of the 50 states. I haven’t really been featuring cats a lot lately, so hopefully this will make up for the lack of cat posts.Tony the Tiger

Tony the Tiger is a male Bengal Mix available for adoption from BJC Animal Control Service in Birminghan, Alabama. He is 1-2 years of age. Visit his post for information.

Alaska- Daisy, Calico

Arizona- Bunny, Domestic Long Hair

Arkansas- The General, Domestic Short Hair

California- Pippa, Domestic Long Hair / Tabby Mix

Delaware – Lulu, Calico

Allie is a female Domestic Short Hair cat available for adoption from Polk County Animal Services in Winter Haven, Florida. She has a very striking, distinctive pattern.


Georgia- Sweetness, Domestic Long Hair / Maine Coon Mix

Hawaii- Cameo, Calico

Idaho- Casper, Domestic Medium Hair

Illinois- Mollie, Calico

Indiana- Ashes, Russian Blue Mix

Pumpkin is a male Domestic Medium Hair cat from Animal Rescue League in Marshalltown, Iowa.  He looks like a cute, friendly, kitty.


Kansas- Wine, Domestic Long Hair

Kentucky- Comet, Domestic Short Hair

Louisiana- Lucky Girl, Tabby Mix

Maine- Tao, Siamese

Maryland- Sea, Dilute Tortoiseshell / Manx

Massachusetts- Ollie, Domestic Long Hair

Michigan-Frida, Tortoiseshell

Grace is a female Domestic Short Hair cat from Lucky’s Place in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. She is super friendly and loves attention as stated in her post. She just had kittens and will be ready for adoption once the kittens  are weaned.Grace

Mississippi- Dagwood, Bobtail

Missouri- Possum, Domestic Short Hair

Montana- Merlot, Domestic Short Hair

Nebraska- Millie, Domestic Long Hair

Nevada-  Addie, Calico

New Hampshire-  Mick, Domestic Medium Hair

Duke is a Domestic Short Hair / Tabby Mix available for adoption from Animal Welfare Committee in Hightstown, New Jersey. He is about seven months old and his post says he has a soft coat due to his mother being a Turkish Angora Mix.


New Mexico- Isabella, Himalayan Mix

New York-Sockens, Calico

North Carolina- Copper, Tabby Mix

North Dakota- Grayson, Siamese

Ohio- Mariah, Calico

Oklahoma- Ivy, Domestic Short Hair

Rayne is a Domestic Short Hair kitten available from Cat, Inc. in Sweet Home, Oregon. She is seven months old and spayed. Rayne was rescued from an abusive situation and will need lots of love and care. Visit Cats, Inc. site for more information.


Pennsylvania- Apollo, Domestic Short Hair

Rhode Island- Boo, Domestic Long Hair

South Carolina- Sugar, Domestic Short Hair

South Dakota- Fresca, Calico

Tennessee- Merida, Tabby

Texas- Lux, Domestic Short Hair

Sparkles is a Domestic Long Hair cat available for adoption from South Utah Valley Animal Shelter in Spanish Fork, Utah. There is not much information on his post so visit the shelter site for more information on this sweet kitty.

Vermont- Kitten Little, Domestic Short Hair

Virginia- Ophelia, Calico

Washington- Double Take, Bobtail

West Virginia- Brenda Leigh, Calico Mix

Wisconsin- Blanca, Domestic Short Hair

Blossom is a Domestic Long Hair kitten available for adoption in from The Casper Humane Society in Casper, Wyoming. Visit the shelter site for more information.


District of Columbia- Bonnie, Calico

As always, Furry Friday is in no way sponsored by any of the shelters, rescues  or Petfinder. It is simply my way of showcasing some of the many, many, dogs and cats available for adoption throughout the country. If you are a shelter or rescue and would like one of your animals featured on Furry Friday, please contact me at