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Beauty Without Cruelty Maximum Moisture Cream Review

Last week I promised that I had a couple reviews of vegan products to share soon, and as promised, here is a review of  Beauty Without Cruelty’s Maximum Moisture Cream.

Beauty Without Cruelty

I was super excited to be able to try one of Beauty Without Cruelty’s products. I’ve heard so much about their products but, have never tried any.

The Maximum Moisture Cream is incredibly light and almost whipped-like but covers and moisturizes incredibly well. I was surprised at how smooth the cream felt as I was applying it. My skin is very sensitive and I did have a tingling sensation as I applied the cream, (which I suspect was from my skin being super dry) but it quickly faded and I did not experience any irritation.

Since it is winter, my skin has been super, alligator-like dry. After using the Maximum Moisture Cream, I can see a difference in the way my skin feels. It is now smooth and not as dry and painful.

A negative comment I have regarding the cream, is the scent. It states on the container “premium aromatherapy” and they are not kidding. I struggle to find a natural, vegan, product that does not smell like a health food store and I’m sorry to say that this product did not make the cut. It’s not very overpowering, so ,maybe I’ll get used to it as I use the product more.

Despite the strong “health food store” scent, the cream itself did its job and completely moisturized my skin while being a vegan and cruelty-free product.

If you are interested in Beauty Without Cruelty or The Maximum Moisture Cream , which is available in a 2 oz jar for $16.95,  simply click on their links.


Thank You, Beauty Without Cruelty.

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