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Furry Friday 3/15/13

In today’s issue of Furry Friday I’m going to talk about fostering a dog or cat. Many rescues advertise “fosters needed”. People unfamiliar with the animal rescue process may not know what this means.

Foster homes are temporary homes that a rescue ,which does not have a physical shelter building, utilizes to be able to rescue more dogs or cats. Foster homes are the gateway between danger and a forever home. Foster parents provide an amazing service to a shelter or rescue. Without foster homes, the amount of animals saved would be greatly reduced.

Some people may think it’s cruel to house an animal and get it used to your home and family and then give it up. No, I don’t believe it’s cruel. What is cruel is unnecessary euthanization of healthy animals. Yes, the dog must adjust, but if there were no foster homes, the dog or cat would not have had a chance at all.

I’ve fostered a few times and no, it’s not easy. You get extremely attached and it is hard to see the dogs  (or cats) get adopted. However, it is extremely rewarding knowing that you helped a dog or cat get a new home.

My first foster

My first foster, Sosi!

I’m a big advocate for foster homes. It allows rescues to serve many more animals. If you are interested in fostering, contact your local shelter or rescue. They should have more information. You can even search the internet for rescue groups in your area needing fosters and complete the application right on their site.

Every rescue is different but all the ones I’ve fostered for covered all vet bills and provided crates, leashes, bowls, medication, and toys for the dog. One rescue even provided a stipend for food for the foster dog. Even though I’ve never fostered a cat, I’m sure most rules are the same. Visit Foster Dogs for more information on fostering.

So, if you’d like to help a rescue by housing a dog or cat temporarily…  do it! Become a dog or cat foster parent. It’s very rewarding!



Debut of Furry Friday

Sweet Toby from Echo Dogs White Shepard Rescue, Haines City, FL (currently in GA)

It’s here! The debut of my new series, Furry Friday. I am so excited to be able to feature dogs and cats throughout the country awaiting their forever home. Hopefully, I will inspire my readers to look into adopting a furry friend or volunteering at some of the amazing shelters and rescues that dedicate their time to saving animals.

Our first feature  is Toby from White Shepard Rescue in FL. He is currently in GA, at his vet’s, where he was dropped off to be euthanized. The vet persuaded the owner to surrender him and he has been at the vet’s office being cared for ever since. Thank goodness for the compassion of his veterinarian. Toby is heart worm positive, but currently receiving treatment. His story struck me because he is a 10 year old dog, that from his description, seems to have never been loved. Despite that, he has a sweet temperament and trusts humans. It never ceases to amaze me, the forgiving nature of animals. This dog was trained as a guard dog. Who knows what he went through in his life, but to trust humans again, and have a gentle nature, is simply amazing. This guy deserves the best home he can get. To read about Toby, or get more information, please visit his profile on Petfinder.

This little kitty caught my attention. She is another inspiring story. She is currently at Second Chance Animal Shelter in Killeen, TX. Melissa is a 6-7 year old  domestic short-hair female. She looks to me to be at least part, Tortoiseshell.  Her post describes her as “one of the friendliest cats you’ll ever meet”.  She had one eye surgically removed due to damage before arriving at the shelter, but this doesn’t stop her. For all that she has been through, it amazes me that she is described in her post as super friendly. She had damage to her eye but remains sweet, playful, and loving. Please visit Melissa’s profile on Petfinder for more info on this sweet kitty.

Look at that sweet puppy face.

Roscoe looks like such a sweetheart. I can’t get enough of his adorable face. His post says that he is less than 2 years old but has already had 3 or 4 homes. Poor buddy. Being bounced around so much, at such a young age, can be devastating. Despite moving frequently, he “has really thrived and his confidence has grown by leaps and bounds”. For more information on Roscoe look at his Petfinder profile or contact Pacific NW JRT Rescue in Snohomish, WA.

There are thousands and thousands of dogs and cats throughout the country who are looking for homes. It is impossible to feature each dog. Here is list of a few other furry friends: Tyson from North Dakota, Princess from Maine, Taffy from South Carolina, Simba from Tennessee, and Taz from Mississippi (URGENT).

I use to search shelters and rescues throughout the country for participants in Furry Friday.  This is my go-to resource for finding animals available for adoption throughout the country. We used this tool in many of the rescues I worked with to find good candidates to come into rescue. I’ll do a post about Petfinder next week.

If you are a shelter or rescue and would like to be featured, please contact me at: Again, Furry Friday is in no way sponsored by petfinder or any shelter or rescue, it is simply my opinion and my way of showing support to all the thousands of pets awaiting their forever homes.