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Furry Friday 3/15/13

In today’s issue of Furry Friday I’m going to talk about fostering a dog or cat. Many rescues advertise “fosters needed”. People unfamiliar with the animal rescue process may not know what this means.

Foster homes are temporary homes that a rescue ,which does not have a physical shelter building, utilizes to be able to rescue more dogs or cats. Foster homes are the gateway between danger and a forever home. Foster parents provide an amazing service to a shelter or rescue. Without foster homes, the amount of animals saved would be greatly reduced.

Some people may think it’s cruel to house an animal and get it used to your home and family and then give it up. No, I don’t believe it’s cruel. What is cruel is unnecessary euthanization of healthy animals. Yes, the dog must adjust, but if there were no foster homes, the dog or cat would not have had a chance at all.

I’ve fostered a few times and no, it’s not easy. You get extremely attached and it is hard to see the dogs  (or cats) get adopted. However, it is extremely rewarding knowing that you helped a dog or cat get a new home.

My first foster

My first foster, Sosi!

I’m a big advocate for foster homes. It allows rescues to serve many more animals. If you are interested in fostering, contact your local shelter or rescue. They should have more information. You can even search the internet for rescue groups in your area needing fosters and complete the application right on their site.

Every rescue is different but all the ones I’ve fostered for covered all vet bills and provided crates, leashes, bowls, medication, and toys for the dog. One rescue even provided a stipend for food for the foster dog. Even though I’ve never fostered a cat, I’m sure most rules are the same. Visit Foster Dogs for more information on fostering.

So, if you’d like to help a rescue by housing a dog or cat temporarily…  do it! Become a dog or cat foster parent. It’s very rewarding!



Furry Friday 5/25/12

Here is another edition of Furry Friday. Since I am helping a friend find a small dog to adopt, I decided to dedicate this edition to small dogs across the country looking for their forever home.

The first little furry friend for today is Angel from Delaware County SPCA in Media, PA. Angel is a 1-2 year old, pure bred, female,  Shih Tzu up for adoption.  She deserves a great home who will give her all the love and attention she deserves. For more information on Angel, please visit her post or the link for Delaware County SPCA above.

The next dog is Louie from For Pets Sake Inc. in Reno, NV. Louie is a 1 and a half year old, male, Wheaten Terrier / Lhasa Mix. His post states “he is a little shy at first, good with other dogs”. For more information, visit Louie’s post or For Pets Sake, Inc.

May is another 1-2 year old. She is a Maltese / Poodle mix from Friends of Animals, Inc. in Junction City, KS. She loves to play and is full of energy. If you want more information on May, please visit her post or click the Friends of Animals link above.

Aubrey is a Chihuahua, from Hardee Animal Rescue Team in Wauchula, FL. who is looking for a home. There is not much information given, but ,visit her post or Hardee Animal Rescue site to get info. on Aubrey.

The last dog for this edition of Furry Friday is Danyel, a senior, Poodle from Old Dog Haven in Fall City, WA.  She is a very mellow and sweet dog and is estimated to be over ten years old. For more information on Danyel, please visit her post or Old Dog Haven’s website.

Reminder: Furry Friday is in no way sponsored by any of the shelters or rescues featured, or It is simply my way of showcasing the many animals in need of adopting homes.

Furry Friday on a Wednesday!

Since I’ve been slacking on the Furry Friday posts, I decided to post some animals today! I will be featuring both dogs and cats from around the United States. The first dog is Screetch a senior, female, Australian Shepherd from Casper, Wyoming. Screetch is visually impaired as stated in her post. She deserves the best home. For more information on Screetch, please visit her post. 

The next puppy is Mario a young, male, Great Dane from Jefferson City, Mo. Mario is about 10 months old and is enrolled in the prison program. These types of programs pair dogs with an inmate who trains them and gives them the basic skills needed to become adopted. For more information on Mario, visit his post.

Shelby is a senior, male, husky / lab mix from Heart of the Catskills Humane Society in Delhi, NY.  He has been at the shelter since 2008. He deserves the best home to live out his golden years.Visit his post here.

The last dog for this week is Amber, a female greyhound from Macon, GA. For more information on Amber visit her post. Due to her high prey drive, she should not go to a home with small animals or cats. She is a beautiful brindle Greyhound and has a lot of personality as stated in her post.

Now, onto the cats. This is Boomer. She is a female, domestic long haired kitty from Penacook, NH. She  is looking for a quiet home without dogs, according to her post.

The next cat is Kaitlyn, a tortoiseshell / domestic medium hair kitty from South Carolina. She is a spunky, adorable, little kitten looking for a great home. Visit her post for more information.

Our last kitty cat for the week is Snowflake, a pretty white cat from Killeen, Texas. She is at Killeen Animal Control. Visit their site for more information since her post doesn’t have anything listed.

If you are interested in any of the animals listed, visit their posts or any shelter listed. Reminder, Furry Friday is not in any way sponsored by any of the shelters, rescues, or Petfinder. It is my way of showcasing the many animals in need of adoption.

Furry Friday 3/23/12

Ready for Furry Friday? Well, Here you go! Today we have picked three rescues to highlight. The first is a newer rescue located in Danville, PA. Karamber’s Rescue is a small rescue located in a boarding/grooming business near Interstate 80 in Danville, PA. The two ladies that run the rescue, Kathy and Amber, are two truly compassionate people that definitely take the animal’s best interests to heart and do everything possible to find them the best homes.

Here are some dogs from Karamber’s: Gretchen and Thor

These German Shepherds were rescued from a life outside and will need house training, but are making progress. They would do best in a home where they are the only dog so they get proper attention. They are both very sweet and love attention.



There is also Neena, a sweet four month old Pit Bull puppy and Angel a 6 year old Alaskan Eskimo / Spitz mix who is a total sweetheart, good with kids, cats, and other dogs and deserves a wonderful home.



Please contact Karamber’s by visiting their site or calling (570)764-2801 and e-mailing for more information on any of their available dogs.

The next shelter is Hillside SPCA in Pottsville, PA. I know I’ve highlighted this rescue before but I think they are a great rescue that does everything possible for the animals they have in their care.

They are truly unique, drastically limiting the time their animals are in crates or cages and interacting with the dogs and cats as much as possible. Here are two dogs available from Hillside.

This puppy’s story is heartbreaking. This is Bear. He was stomped on by a juvenile visiting the home where he lived. He was stomped so hard that it broke his femur. The incident occured March 10th and he was not brought into Hillside until March 16th. He was in agonizing pain and in shock. Hillside took him to the Veterinarian and had his leg repaired. He needs the best home possible!! Visit his post for the whole story. He is a Shar Pei/German Shepherd Mix.


And this sweetheart also has a sad story. This is Captain, a young male Pit Bull, who was found as a stray with a bulging eye. After a vet visit, it was determined Captain has glaucoma and is currently receiving treatment. You can get more information on Captain by accessing his post here.


Contact the rescue by clicking here or here.

The last rescue featured this week is Animal Resource Center in Bloomsburg, PA. This is a large rescue that tries to help as many local animals as possible. It is a rescue, not an SPCA,  and it is also no-kill.

Princess is one of the dogs at Animal Resource Center. She is a 5 year old Irish Setter / Saint Bernard mix who was surrendered when her owner had to move to a high-rise apartment. Her owner was devastated. Princess deserves a great home! Visit her post for more information. You can contact Animal Resource center by clicking here.  Be sure to visit their site to see some of the many animals available.

Reminder: Furry Friday is in no way sponsored by any of the rescues or shelters featured or This series of posts is simply my way of showing my readers some of the many animals looking for their forever homes.