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Nicobella Organic Review

I am so lucky to able to share with you, a review of some products made by Nicobella Organics. I was sent the Dark Chocolate Truffle Assortment and the Coco-Nut Munch.

Nicobella products are vegan, organic, fair-trade, cruelty free and dairy free. They use sustainable packaging which is cute yet simple. My truffles were contained in a small box, wrapped in brown paper, sealed with a Nicobella Sticker. The Coco-Nut Munch bag was made of rice paper. There are no artificial colors or flavors and no processed sugars in their products.

The truffle assortment had six different flavors: blueberry-almond, ginger green tea, pumpkin chai, pure cocoa bliss, walnut flax seed  and sunflower banana butter. My favorite flavor was the blueberry almond. The amount of pure blueberry flavor in this one truffle was amazing. It was very decadent and smooth.


The Coco-nut Munch was by far my favorite product. I almost ate the whole bag myself in less than five minutes. It was the perfect combination of chocolate, coconut, and almond in bite-sized chocolaty goodness.

If you would like more information on Nicobella and their products visit their website.

All opinions in this review are my own and not sponsored in any way by Nicobella. I was simply provided with the product in exchange for my posted review.

Furry Friday 2/22/13

It’s time for Furry Friday again! Today I’m going to do a large post featuring one adoptable dog in each state! Although I’m not going to include pictures for each of the 50 dogs I am featuring, I will include links, so you can visit their Petfinder ads and hopefully find a new furry family member.

Don’t worry cats; you’ll be featured next week!


We’ll start in alphabetical order with a flat-coated retriever named Olivia from Adopt a Golden in Birmingham,  Alabama. Olivia is one year old and her post describes her as “a very sweet dog.” Click on her listing to get more information on Olivia.

Alaska- Aurora, Husky

Arizona- Sully, Australian Shepherd / Border Collie

Arkansas- Pard, Anatolian Shepherd / Yellow Lab

California- Vinnie, Shih Tzu



Lightening is a Black Lab from 4 Paws Rescue in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is 10 months old and sounds like a great dog.  She is in a foster home who seems to be working with her and teaching her a lot including tricks, and crate training. Check out her post for more information on Lightening.




Connecticut- Peppermint, Terrier/ Tibetan Spaniel

Delaware- Sammy, Chinese Crested Dog

Florida- Precious, Collie Mix 

Georgia- Sally, Greyhound

Makanani is a 6 month old Terrier mix puppy from Animal CARE Foundation in Honolulu, HI. Click on her post for more information.


Idaho- CJ, Shepherd / Lab

Illinois- Cha Cha, American Eskimo / Shetland Sheepdog

Indiana- Popi, Maltese

Iowa- Rocko, Akita

Jimmie a “Chiweenie”!! (which is a Chihuahua/ Dachshund Mix) is 5-6 years old and available for adoption from Kansas Second Time Around Animal Rescue in Dwight,  Kansas. Click on his post for more information. He is super adorable!

Jimmie the Chiweenie!

Kentucky- Copper, Beagle /Hound Mix

Louisiana- Miss Cara, French Bulldog

Maine- China, Carolina Dog 

Maryland- Pebbles, Hound

Kirby is a Beagle Mix who deserves a great home. He has had a few homes recently and deserves a great forever home. He is available for adoption from Baypath Humane Society in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Click on his post for more information.

Sweet Kirby!

Michigan- Micky, Husky / Alaskan Malamute

Minnesota- Blue, Labrador Retriever 

Mississippi-Rover, Collie Mix

New Jersey- Sunny, Pariah Dog

New Mexico- Tini, Airedale Terrier / German Shepherd

New York- Emi, American Bulldog

North Carolina- Stella, Chihuahua/ Rat Terrier 

North Dakota- Ozzy, Australian Shepherd / Border Collie

Ohio- Archer, Boxer

Oklahoma- Dusty, Australian Shepherd


Kong is a Pit Bull puppy available for adoption from Mill City, Oregon. He has the cutest spotted nose! Here is his post.

Pennsylvania- Kimmie, Pug / Beagle 

Rhode Island- Taffy, Poodle

South Carolina- Rhett, Retriever 

South Dakota- Betty, Beagle Mix 

Tennessee- Mya, Boxer

Texas- Coco, Chocolate Lab

Utah- Tank, Alaskan Malamute

Vermont- Happy, Chihuahua 

Virginia- Patricia, Beagle / Spaniel Mix 

Washington- Otto, Lab / Pointer Mix

Goofy Boy, Slate!

Slate looks like a goofy boy. He is a black lab from Tale’s of Courage in Maysel, West Virginia. There is not much information on his post so please visit the rescue’s webpage for more information on Slate.

Wisconsin- Major, Great Dane

Wyoming- Jade,  Black Lab/Shepherd

I can’t forget The District of Columbia- Sandy, Hound/Shepherd 

I hope you enjoyed this large post with dogs available for adoption from each state. There are so so many more dogs than the ones I featured  So, if you are looking for a furry friend to add to your family please adopt, don’t buy!

Furry Friday is in no way sponsored by any of the shelters or rescues featured or Petfinder. It is simply my way of sharing the many dogs looking for their forever homes in the hopes that one of my readers will adopt.








Beauty Without Cruelty Maximum Moisture Cream Review

Last week I promised that I had a couple reviews of vegan products to share soon, and as promised, here is a review of  Beauty Without Cruelty’s Maximum Moisture Cream.

Beauty Without Cruelty

I was super excited to be able to try one of Beauty Without Cruelty’s products. I’ve heard so much about their products but, have never tried any.

The Maximum Moisture Cream is incredibly light and almost whipped-like but covers and moisturizes incredibly well. I was surprised at how smooth the cream felt as I was applying it. My skin is very sensitive and I did have a tingling sensation as I applied the cream, (which I suspect was from my skin being super dry) but it quickly faded and I did not experience any irritation.

Since it is winter, my skin has been super, alligator-like dry. After using the Maximum Moisture Cream, I can see a difference in the way my skin feels. It is now smooth and not as dry and painful.

A negative comment I have regarding the cream, is the scent. It states on the container “premium aromatherapy” and they are not kidding. I struggle to find a natural, vegan, product that does not smell like a health food store and I’m sorry to say that this product did not make the cut. It’s not very overpowering, so ,maybe I’ll get used to it as I use the product more.

Despite the strong “health food store” scent, the cream itself did its job and completely moisturized my skin while being a vegan and cruelty-free product.

If you are interested in Beauty Without Cruelty or The Maximum Moisture Cream , which is available in a 2 oz jar for $16.95,  simply click on their links.


Thank You, Beauty Without Cruelty.

Cruelty Free Products

Whether you’ve been a long-time vegan or vegetarian or you’ve just made the leap to embrace the plant-based lifestyle, eating is only part of the big picture.

For about a year I was under the assumption that since I was eating a plant-based diet I wasn’t participating in the harming of animals. How wrong I was!! By continuing to use the same beauty products and wear the same clothes and shoes, I was contributing to companies that participate in  animal testing, animal abuse and neglect, and even worse.

So, where can you find cruelty free products? I am still on the search for some new, great, products and would appreciate any suggestions you may have.  However, I do have a few tried and true products I stand by and I’d like to share them. Not everything I use is vegan, but all are cruelty free. I will slowly make the change.

Cruelty-Free Compassionate Shopping Guide :

1) Zoya Nail Polish

Finally, a vegan polish that shines and looks great. I did find that some colors chip more easily than others. The colors I’ve tried with glitter seem to last longer. They do sell an Armor Top Coat that I’m going to try and see if that helps stop the premature chipping. I must be living under a rock  because I did not know that Zoya makes lip gloss. I can’t wait to try some! Another great thing about Zoya polish is that it’s pretty easy to find. I’ve bought on their website before, but, the little salon I visit also sells it and I’ve seen it at other salons and spas.

Cruelty-Free Compassionate Shopping Guide :

2) Lush

I love this company and their products. I tried their products by accident before I was vegan and I’m really glad my mom thought they were cool and gave them to me “just because”. I still use their Rehab shampoo (5 years later) and I love that their products are handmade.

Cruelty-Free Compassionate Shopping Guide :

3) St. Ives Apricot Scrub

I’ve used this almost all my life and I was super happy to find out it is vegan friendly. It is also easily found at your local drug store or Wal-Mart and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

Other vegan-friendly products:

E.L.F. Cosmetics,Urban Decay, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, and Beauty Without Cruelty are some other vegan-friendly beauty product companies. Chinese Laundry and Steve Madden also make some vegan products.


I recently found this site, Leaping Bunny, that makes finding cruelty free products in a variety of categories easy.  They have an online guide and you can also request a Free Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide shipped right to your door. Important: cruelty free does not necessarily mean vegan so take that into consideration if it is important a product be completely vegan.


Furry Friday 2/8/13

Since it’s pretty cold here today and we are expecting some snow, I decided to do a Furry Friday dedicated to Northern Breed dogs. If you don’t know what Northern Breeds are I will give you examples of some of them. Of course, my favorite, Siberian Huskies as well as Alaskan Malamutes, Samoyed  Alaskan Eskimo, Akita, Keeshound, and some other breeds that hail from the northern part of the world.

The first dog I am featuring today is from Hillside SPCA, a shelter close to my heart. I’m actually featuring two boys from this shelter today. The first is nine year old Harley, he is good with other dogs but not good with cats, whereas, Rocky a two year old Siberian Husky has lived with cats in the past and loves to play with the other dogs at the shelter.



I would give Harley a home in a second if I could, but we do have a cat and the shelter advised against it. He has a high prey drive which I suspect was enhanced from being tied out most of his life. Poor guy! I hope he finds a home soon!

The next dog is Benny, an Akita/Siberian Husky mix from Wenatchee Valley Humane Society in Wenatchee, WA. Benny is a stunning boy that has the Husky bi-eye that I love so much.  He was another dog that was tied outside, according to his post.


The next dog is, Buddy Boy. If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know I have a Husky named Buddy Boy so how could I not feature this beauty? He was rescued from a high-kill shelter down south and is still a little nervous, but looks like a sweetheart.

Buddy Boy

The last dog I am featuring for this Furry Friday is Mazie, a Samoyed Mix from Briarfield Farm Sanctuary in  Mattawan, MI. Mazie is eight years old and gets along with some dogs. She has a condition called dry eye and requires special drops each day. According to her post, the drops will be paid for by Briarfield Farm Sanctuary. Please take a look at this sweet girl!

As always, Furry Friday is in no way sponsored by Petfinder or any of the shelters or rescues featured on this post. It’s simply my way of showcasing some of the many animals out there available for adoption in the hopes that they will find their forever home.

My Go-to Vegan Blogs for Recipes and Inspiration



Everyone always asks me where I get inspiration for my recipes and I always direct them to the same blogs. So, I thought I’d share my secrets with you. If any of these blogs are secrets, it has to be criminal, because many of the recipes they share are simply amazing.

1) Fat Free Vegan

When I first became vegan over two years ago, I was overwhelmed with the changes in cooking and uncommon ingredients often used in vegan recipes. Fat Free Vegan introduced me to many new and yummy recipes and helped make the change easier. When you are dealing with a food allergy like I was, it can be extra difficult. Susan Voisin saved many dinners and helped me to not starve in the beginning. One of my favorite recipes on her blog is E’s Super-Awesome Brussel Sprouts and Mushrooms.


2) Chocolate Covered Katie

Chocolate Covered Katie's Cookie Dough Dip

Chocolate Covered Katie’s Cookie Dough Dip


It is no secret to my friends and family that I have a HUGE sweet tooth. Chocolate Covered Katie was both the best and maybe the most dangerous blog I’ve come across. All her desserts are healthy and vegan so I don’t feel as guilty when I eat a whole bowl of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip for breakfast. I’ve tried many of her recipes and I could easily polish off a whole batch of anything by myself.


3) Happy Herbivore

Lindsey from Happy Herbivore is both an inspiration and source of knowledge. I was lucky enough to interview Lindsey last year for the blog. All three of her cookbooks are a constant reference in my kitchen. The meal plans she offers on her blog are a lifesaver for a busy mom like me. Even if the rest of your family is not vegan, as is the case for me, the recipes are very versatile and I find that my family enjoys them as much as I do.

4) The Kind Life

One of the first vegan books I bought was Alicia Silverstone’s, The Kind Diet. The information and recipes in the book helped me when I made the switch to a plant-based eating style. Though some of the ingredients are hard to find in my area, there are many recipes that utilize more common ingredients and are easy to prepare.

5) Oh She Glows

This is a great blog. Angela has a ton of great recipes. She is also working on a cookbook due out in 2014.  I look forward to trying her Easy BBQ Tofu (sounds like a great recipe for dinner tonight)!


6) The Vegan Stoner

I love how this blog shows pictures of the ingredients in their recipes. Some how it connects with my brain easier and makes the ingredient searching go a lot faster.

7) Vegan Coach

This site not only has great recipes but contains tons of support and advice. Sassy has been a vegan for quite some time so, I visit her blog when I am in a rut or have any questions about recipes or ingredients. She is a vegan coach and also has a newsletter that gives tips, recipes, and advice.


8) Healthy Bitch Daily

Have you heard of the book Skinny Bitch? Yep, this is the blog of one of the authors, Kim Barnouin. I love her non-sugar coated style. She shares a wealth of information, inspiration, and recipes.

9) Post Punk Kitchen

I’ve referenced countless recipes from this blog. If you are looking for something new and yummy to try, Post Punk Kitchen is your place.

10) Chef Chloe

Here, my sweet tooth comes into play again. Chef Chloe is a vegan chef and former winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. She is just amazing and all her recipes look delicious. I look forward to getting her cookbook, Chloe’s Kitchen.


It was very difficult to narrow my list down to just ten blogs, so I will definitely be sharing other blogs that inspire me in the future. If you have a favorite vegan blog please share with us!



Sweat Pink!!

Sweat-Pink-ambassador-badgeI am super excited to tell everyone that I have been chosen to be a Sweat Pink ambassador!! If you haven’t heard about Sweat Pink, please check it out. It’s a great support system for women to want to eat healthy, be healthy, live healthy.

I have been running for over a year now and completed five 5k races. I never thought I could do it, but you never know what you are capable of until you try. I started Combat, a Beach Body workout program the beginning of December and I have to say that it is challenging but I am loving it!! Again, never thought I’d be doing push-ups and bur pees and lunges, but, I am (and I’m rocking them)!

I am so excited to inspire others as a Sweat Pink Ambassador and hope to make them proud. Thanks for the opportunity!!