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Furry Friday 3/8/13

Today I’m going to do something a bit different. Instead of featuring dogs and cats available for adoption, I’m going to feature horses, cows, and other farm animals. Sometimes we forget that these animals often end up in shelters and need great homes, too.

The first two animals I am featuring today are horses, Shila and Aspen from Pets Come First, Inc. in Centre Hall, PA. Shila and Aspen are blind and were rescued from a cruelty case. They are unable to be ridden, but, would still make great companions. Aspen is a 10 year old female and Shila is a 9 year old Paint / Pinto female.




Next is Zelda, a llama from Southeast Llama Rescue in Lancaster, PA. Her post states that there is not much known about her at this time, but, once she is evaluated there will be more information. She was surrendered along with two other llamas, Ebony and Montana. They would like to keep the three together, if possible.


Mr. Bubbles is an adult, male, farm pig from Lollypop Farm, Humane Society of Greater Rochester, NY.

Marley is a sheep from the Humane Society of Ohio Valley, in Marietta, Ohio. She is a  two year old Navajo Churro Sheep with an awesome dread-lock hairstyle.





The next animal is Norman, who is a Holstein Steer. He is one-and-a-half years old and as sweet as can be. He is well-socialized and would love a home with other animals. He walks well on a lead and loves his chin rubbed and scratched. Please visit his post or MSPCA at Nevin’s Farm website for more details.

The last animal for this edition of Furry Friday is Petunia. She is a farm pig available for adoption from The Humane Society of Wichita County, TX. Visit the shelter’s web page for more information on sweet Petunia.

Petunia smelling a flower!

I hope you enjoyed this farm-friendly edition of Furry Friday! As always, Furry Friday is in no way sponsored by any of the shelters or rescues featured or Petfinder. It is simply my way of showing my readers the many animals available for adoption.



Furry Friday 3/16/12

Ready for another addition of Furry Friday? I hope so, because I’m going to feature TEN furry friends today.

The first feature is Milo, a Belgian Shephard /Sheepdog Mix from OK Save a Dog in Prague,  Oklahoma. Milo looks like a sweetheart. If you want information on Milo visit his post  and contact OK Save a Dog!

The next dog is Bailee, a Labrador Retriever, from New Hampshire Humane Society in Laconia, New Hampshire. I love how Bailee is smiling for the camera! What a sweetheart! She reminds me of my Maddie Girl. Her post says she is a senior but has lots of energy. I can attest to that if she is anything like my almost 11 year old lab, Maddie. Visit her post or contact New Hampshire Humane Society for more info on sweet Bailee.

I am now going to feature some dogs without much information. This sometimes happens when dogs are first posted or at high-turnover shelters. I’m not saying these shelters are high-kill shelters, just explaining  possible reasons why no information is given.  Often times, these are the dogs that need homes the fastest. A sure sign is that no name is given to the dog simply a number.

Here are some sweet dogs that need homes ASAP. First, Spartacus,  Cty, #1819. Visit post or contact shelter!

Next, Ruby from Horry County Humane Society in Conway, South Carolina.

Visit post or contact shelter.

Here is another Baylie. This Baylie is also from Horry County Humane Society. Visit post or contact shelter.

Just to let you know, when I searched South Carolina there was 173,450 pets available for adoption. No, let me rephrase that, 173,450 DOGS  available for adoption. Now, working in animal rescue for forever I know it is near impossible to find homes for all these dogs. It’s the truth. I’ve visited a few of the shelters in South Carolina and I can attest that the conditions are not like shelters up north. They are downright horrible. After talking to staff in a few of the shelters, I found out they get a lot more animals than they can find homes for. They euthanize quite a few. This can all be stopped if owners simply get their pets spayed and neutered. Really, this simple operation saves millions of lives!!!

Ok! Enough of my ranting. Let’s see some kitties.

Fluffy is a one and a hair year old domestic short-hair kitty from W.A.R.S in Myrtle Beach, SC. Her owner is facing possible eviction so she needs a home ASAP. She looks like a sweet little kitty. Visit her post for more information.

I love Russian Blue kitties, I think they are so elegant looking. Here is Carla from Humane Society of Central Arizona in Payson, Arizona. Visit her post or contact the shelter for more information on beautiful Carla.

Look at this beautiful, huge, fluff ball! This is Sebastian from Australian Shepherd Rescue in Orem, Utah. He is a ragdoll kitty. His post states “he is two years old and super sweet”. Visit post or rescue for more information.

Here is Jefftrow from Small Animal Rescue Group, Chamois, MO. He was rescued at two and a half weeks of age and his post states “he is spoiled and he knows it”. Visit his post or the rescue group site for more info on Jefftrow.

Last animal for this week is Bumble a white kitty from Critter Cavalry in Franklin, Tennessee. He is deaf, so he will need some special attention but  according to his post he has adapted fine to his foster home. Please visit his post or site for more information on Bumble.

That’s it for Furry Friday this week. As always, this series of posts is in no way sponsored by any of the shelters or rescues or Simple my way of showing the world that there are so many animals in need of homes. If you are a shelter or rescue group and would like your animals featured in one of my posts, I’d be more than happy to do so. Simply e-mail

Furry Friday 3/9/12

Time for another edition of Furry Friday! To all my new fans, Furry Friday is a series of posts that occur every Friday highlighting some of the many dogs and cats available for adoption throughout the USA. Furry Friday is not sponsored by Petfinder, any shelter, or rescue, it is simply my way of getting the word out that there are many dogs and cats in need of a forever home. Hopefully, this will inspire some of my readers to adopt a furry friend.

Now, onto the featured animals this week. The first dog is Maximus from Great Falls Animal Shelter in Great Falls, Montana. He was turned in as a stray so, not much info is given on his post. He becomes available tomorrow if he is not claimed by his owner. So, if this is your dog, he is at Great Falls Animal Shelter. If not, he is looking for a forever home. So, go visit Maximus. He looks like a sweety.

The next dog is Bear. He is an Alaskan Malamute/Newfoundland mix puppy from Bunkie Animal Shelter in Bunkie, Louisiana.  This is going to be one big boy! Though puppies usually get adopted quickly, it is not the case in many high-kill shelters. I am not saying this is a high-kill shelter, just defending my reason for posting puppies in addition to older dogs. If you want more info on Bear visit his post.

The last dog for this week is Chompie from Humane Society of Central Arizona in Payson, AZ.  Chompie is a two year old terrier mix who was found as a stray. He is wary of strangers but is loyal to those he trusts. More information can be found in his post. He looks like a furry ball of energy and a fun friend!

Here is a cat for all you cat lovers out there. This is Connie from Delaware Humane Society in Delaware ,Ohio. She is six months old and already spayed. There is not much info in her post so, it would be best to contact the shelter for more information on Connie.

Hope you are now inspired to adopt a furry friend. For more information on any of the animals featured today, visit their posts or the shelter from which they temporarily reside.

Furry Friday 2/24

Hope you’re ready for another addition of Furry Friday. This week I’m featuring animals in Alaska and Hawaii.


This is George from Maui Humane Society in Puuene, HI. George is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier/ Cattle Dog mix. He is about four years old and “an affectionate boy who loves to give kisses”. Check out George’s post for more information on this sweet boy.




Now for a kitty from Animal Care Foundation in Honolulu, HI. Oz is a black and white kitty with special needs. He has chronic gingivitis and is on a special diet, as well as medication. His condition has left him without any teeth.  He has such a sad story. I really hope he finds a great home.









Now, on to Alaska ,which has no shortage of Siberian Huskies. So, it was very difficult for me to narrow it down to a few dogs. Spanky,  from Alaska Animal Friends Rescue in Anchorage, caught my attention right away. He is the featured pet of the month for this rescue so, he must have everyone else’s attention, too. He is a Klee Kai mix and looks like a miniature Siberian Husky. He only has one eye but that doesn’t seem to stop him. “He’s a really sweet little guy, he just needs a home that thinks so, too.” Check out his post for more info.



Hansel is another dog from AAFR. He is a sweet husky with a sad story. Visit his post for the story as well as a few more pictures of this 5 year old Husky. He was on a chain outside before coming into rescue. So, it is remarkable that he is doing well as an indoor dog. (Sometimes this transition can be difficult if the dog had little human contact). He looks like such a sweet boy. I hope he gets a great home that treats him like a member of the family.


One more Husky from Alaska SPCA, Anchorage AK. Dew’s story is so similar to my Buddy Boy’s that I had to feature her. Not to mention, they look as if they could be twins. Dew is five years old and is learning to trust humans. Her post does not state anything about her past but it must have been traumatic. It does state that she is “making tremendous progress” and is “associating people with positive things”.


Suki is the last animal for Alaska this week. She is a black and white domestic medium hair cat from Alaska Humane Society (Adopt-a-cat) in Anchorage.  “She is very pretty, personable, playful, and will be your best friend” Visit her post for more information.

Next week, on Furry Friday, I will be updating everyone on the animals I’ve posted so far. So, come back for the next Furry Friday to see who found their forever home and who is still looking for that special place to call “home”.

Just a reminder that Furry Friday is in no way sponsored by any of the rescues, shelters, or PetFinder. It is simply my way of showing the many animals available for adoption and hopefully inspiring my readers to adopt a pet in need.

Furry Friday

I’m so excited for the second edition of Furry Friday! In case you missed it, Furry Friday is a new series of posts that debuted last week. In these posts, I will be highlighting some of the dogs and cats throughout the country that are in need of homes. Like I said last week, Furry Friday is in no way sponsored by any of the shelters, rescues, or PetFinder. It’s simply my way of showing the world some of the animals that are looking for their forever home in hopes that some of my readers will be inspired to adopt a pet. Last week’s Furry Friday can be found here.

Look at those adorable ears!!

This week we are starting in Florida again with Hobo. He has the cutest, big, floppy ears I’ve ever seen. Thank goodness they didn’t name him Dumbo, that would have been cruel. His post states that he is a senior (meaning an older dog) but it also states he has energy and loves to play. He is said to have a sweet personality. He looks like he has the most adorable personality and I bet he’d be a sweet dog to have in your family. You can visit Hobo’s post here to get more information on this sweet fellow. He is at SPCA, Inc. in Lakeland, FL.

Next up is Smokey, a beautiful blue-eyed, cream colored kitty from H. Dale Buck Memorial Fund Inc. of Emporia, Kansas. Her post just states “she is spayed and feline leukemia negative. Good with other cats.” To find a shelter that does feline leukemia tests is rare, at least in my area. The test is $40 per cat and become extremely costly when you have hundreds of cats in shelter. This is a very important test, especially if you have other kitties in your house. You can find out more about feline leukemia  here. Thankfully, Smokie is feline leukemia negative.  It is a horrible disease. Visit PetFinder to take a look at Smokie’s other pictures. She is beautiful.

Brooks is another beautiful (well, he’s a boy so we’ll call him handsome) cat. He is at Angel’s Care Animal Resuce, Inc. in Little Rock, AR. His post states that “he is a large guy that may seem like he’s a bit gruff, but he is all lover.” He loves to play and be petted. Brooks seems like a sweet kitty to give a home. So, if you are near Little Rock, you can find him at Angel’s Care Animal Rescue.


One more kitty for this Furry Friday. I feel like I need to shine the spotlight on the kitties throughout the US. since I’m going to highlight a few extra local dogs this week. Tyke is an adorable sweet Bengal mix from Casper, Wyoming. Her post doesn’t say much besides that “she is a another sweetie-pie, very  friendly, lovable, and likes other kitties. ” You can find out more about Tyke at Casper Cat Rescue.



Now for an extra special treat this week. I’m going to highlight a few local dogs from two shelters I work with from time to time. The first dog is Shadow from Hillside SPCA in Pottsville. Shadow is a seven month old German Shephard Mix who was surrendered by his owner when they said “he was just too big.” Newsflash: German Shephards are big! Sorry, that was my sarcastic moment of the day. But, really, people’s excuses for giving up their animals never cease to amaze me. Shadow is still a pup so, I’m sure he has tons of energy. He looks like such a sweet boy and a dog worth visiting. Hillside has many, many more dogs and cats available for adoption and is truly a unique shelter. You should definietely visit Hillside if you are close enough to Pottsville, PA. The staff truly cares for the animals and limits their time in kennels by letting them wander around, inside and out (in fenced in areas, of course). This is not seen in many shelters.
Stella is another puppy from Hillside SPCA. She is a six month old pit bull mix who has a unique brown “eye-patch”. She looks like such a sweetheart. I can’t believe someone would leave her behind when they moved. Her post states “she can be shy at times till she gets to know you.” If you would like more information on Stella contact Hillside SPCA.                                                                                                                                                         I couldn’t pass up this sweet boy from PSPCA, Danville Branch. I have a soft spot for the northern breeds (i.e. Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Alaskan Eskimo, etc..) Harley is a one year old Malamute Mix that you will have to see in person. For more information on Harley, contact Danville PSPCA. 

 For more information on any of the animals featured on Furry Friday please contact the rescues listed with their write-up or click on each animal’s link.