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Pet Solutions First Aid Support Review

I am honored to have the chance to review Pet Solutions First Aid Support. Though the bottle says for ferrets and small animals, since I do not have any of these pets, I contacted Marshall Pet Products and asked if I could use this on my Siberian Husky, Maggie. She has terrible hot spots cause by flea dermatitis  She is on monthly flea medication but, if she comes into contact with any fleas her skin becomes terribly irritated.  They said it was fine, and they actually use it on their dog, also.

So, I began to use Pet Solutions First Aid Support on her skin. This is an all-natural product made with   Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water. It is amazing. It must give a cooling sensation because Maggie immediately stops chewing the area. If she begins to chew again, I apply the solution, and she stops. It is helping to heal her skin as well because the hair is starting to grow back after 2 weeks of using this.

Thank you Marshall Pet Products for the opportunity to review this product!

I was given a bottle of Pet Solutions First Aid Support in exchange for my review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions in this post are mine. If you would like to buy this product you can find it at your local Petco!


180XT Product Review- Eliminate Pet Odors!

If you have multiple pets, you know that sometimes they can have accidents, spray, mark their territory or other behaviors that leave nasty stains and smells in your house.

I have searched everywhere for a product that eliminates these stains and smells to no avail. I saw 180XT in my research, and thought it couldn’t hurt to e-mail the company.

I was offered a review of the product in return for my post of the review. I’m so glad I contacted Marshall’s Pet Products. Because, guess what? This product works!!!

I have a Siberian Husky/German Shepherd mix who likes to compete with my cat and mark his territory. Yes, gross, but a typical animal behavior. The place that he has picked is my son’s room. Specifically the bottom corner of the bed, on the floor. I applied the product onto the carpet stain as directed, scrubbed, and blotted.

I was absolutely amazed at what happened. The yucky, gross, urine stain transferred onto my blotting towel. I repeated for good measure until I stopped getting a transfer of stain onto the towel. The stain is virtually gone. I will keep my eye on it for return of odor but so far, so good.The product is also supposed to remove pheromones which signal an animal to mark. I’ll know it worked if the behavior lessens or stops. So, I’ll be sure to let you know what I find.

Just a warning, the smell when applying the product is somewhat unbearable, not the product itself, but the urine smell coming out. That, in itself, should signal to anyone that it is working.

Visit Marshall Pet Products site to purchase 180XT  Stain, Odor, Pheromone Remover. It worked on my stain. I’d love to hear if you have the same results.


Marshall Pet Products provided me with a 160z. bottle of 180XT Stain, Odor, Pheromone Remover in exchange for the posting of my review of their product. I was not compensated in any other way and the opinions posted in this review are solely mine.