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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Welcome to Craving Kindness

I established this blog to share my thoughts on living a compassionate life. I will share plant-based recipes, homemade crafts, tips and tricks on embracing a vegan lifestyle, as well as stories about my volunteer work as a dog rescuer.

I will also be sharing ways to save money by making your own cleaning supplies, and using coupons to save on your groceries. Many people (including me in the past) think it’s near impossible to eat a vegan diet on a budget. As I’ve come to realize, it is possible, and fairly easy. Some of you may also think that since you don’t live in a populated area with access to a large grocery store you won’t be able to eat a plant-based diet. I had the same thought, but my compassion for animals prevailed and I became vegan almost two years ago. It is a challenge, at times, but possible. Though I don’t normally have access to certain products or supplements I can make great vegan meals from items I have access to in my local store.

I named my blog Craving Kindness because as the title states I Crave Kindness daily and strive to exhibit that trait in everything I do, eat, and say. I also strive to “live a life inspired” as the company Upper Case Living says. I want to share my journey with you and hopefully we can learn together along the way.