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Furry Friday- 3/30/12

It’s time for Furry Friday. Today I wanted to highlight a few dogs that are extremely urgent and in danger of being euthanized. Warning: this post is pretty heavy and these dogs are extremely urgent.

There are many sites and Facebook pages that highlight death row dogs and try to get them out of shelters in time to save them. One, in particular, is Pet Pardons. This site allows people from all over to post dogs that are extremely urgent in the hopes of pulling them from the shelter in the nick of time.

Update on AirBud: His photo is marked SAFE and he’s awaiting his trip to a rescue. I’m going to highlight five dogs on death row in the hopes that someone can help save these babies. The first dog is Air Bud. He is a senior, Golden Retriever mix, who is set to be destroyed today. Hopefully, someone can do something to save this sweet boy. He doesn’t deserve to die this way. He deserves a loving home to live out the remainder of his years. If interested in Air Bud, you must call the Manhattan Center Shelter. When calling the shelter you’ll need this info: AIR BUD, Animal ID # is A0927640  The shelter # is 212-722-4939 (hit 0 for operator, do not leave a message. May need to hit 0 a few times. Click here for more info.

Astor is another dog from Manhattan Center. Her info is as follows :  ASTOR,  Animal ID # is A0926630.
She is a female brown pit bull mix, approximately 7 mos. old.  Again, shelter #is 212-722-4939 (hit 0 for operator, do not leave a message. May need to hit 0 a few times. Call shelter immediately if you are in the Manhattan area and would like to save this sweet girl. I also need to mention: the shelter will only release these dogs to certain rescues or adopters who go to the shelter and pick up the dog. They will not do anything if you only call. You need to go there. Click here for more info.

Next dog is from the Pet Pardons site. This is Shadow from Monmouth County, NJ. Shadow is very nervous at the shelter and is wearing a Thunder Shirt to help with his anxiety. If anyone is interested in Shadow click here or contact shelter by calling
732-542-5962 or e-mailing

This is Shep. He is a shepherd mix and he needs rescue immediately. He looks like such a sweet boy. For more info on Shep click here. He is located at Robertson County Animal Control, Springfield, TN. 615-384-5611. If you are interested call immediately. His deadline is today!

The last dog for today is also located in Tennessee and was posted on the Face Book page Tennessee Death Row Dogs, as well. This is Trooper. He is a beautiful Golden Retriever mix at the same shelter as Shep. Contact Robertson County Animal Control, Springfield, TN. 615-384-5611.

I know that today’s post is very heavy. I often get overwhelmed with the urgency of saving these death row dogs. But, the truth is, it is urgent and if anyone is interested and wants to help they need to act immediately.  I volunteered at a high-kill shelter when I was younger and I cannot tell you how quickly dogs were euthanized. So, if you want to rescue one of these dogs you cannot move fast enough. It’s so sad. It all comes back to sterilization and spaying and neutering your pet. So many lives can be saved in the long run if owners simply get their pets this necessary surgery.

Furry Friday is in no way sponsored by any of the shelters or rescues highlighted or any of the Face Book pages dedicated to saving these dogs. It’s simply my way of showing their faces in the hopes that someone will step up and save these dogs.