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Furry Friday 2/8/13

Since it’s pretty cold here today and we are expecting some snow, I decided to do a Furry Friday dedicated to Northern Breed dogs. If you don’t know what Northern Breeds are I will give you examples of some of them. Of course, my favorite, Siberian Huskies as well as Alaskan Malamutes, Samoyed  Alaskan Eskimo, Akita, Keeshound, and some other breeds that hail from the northern part of the world.

The first dog I am featuring today is from Hillside SPCA, a shelter close to my heart. I’m actually featuring two boys from this shelter today. The first is nine year old Harley, he is good with other dogs but not good with cats, whereas, Rocky a two year old Siberian Husky has lived with cats in the past and loves to play with the other dogs at the shelter.



I would give Harley a home in a second if I could, but we do have a cat and the shelter advised against it. He has a high prey drive which I suspect was enhanced from being tied out most of his life. Poor guy! I hope he finds a home soon!

The next dog is Benny, an Akita/Siberian Husky mix from Wenatchee Valley Humane Society in Wenatchee, WA. Benny is a stunning boy that has the Husky bi-eye that I love so much.  He was another dog that was tied outside, according to his post.


The next dog is, Buddy Boy. If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know I have a Husky named Buddy Boy so how could I not feature this beauty? He was rescued from a high-kill shelter down south and is still a little nervous, but looks like a sweetheart.

Buddy Boy

The last dog I am featuring for this Furry Friday is Mazie, a Samoyed Mix from Briarfield Farm Sanctuary in  Mattawan, MI. Mazie is eight years old and gets along with some dogs. She has a condition called dry eye and requires special drops each day. According to her post, the drops will be paid for by Briarfield Farm Sanctuary. Please take a look at this sweet girl!

As always, Furry Friday is in no way sponsored by Petfinder or any of the shelters or rescues featured on this post. It’s simply my way of showcasing some of the many animals out there available for adoption in the hopes that they will find their forever home.


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I am a stay-at-home mom who is passionate about my family, animal rescue, my vegan lifestyle, and leaving a kindness trail in my life. I created this blog to share things that inspire me.

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