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UPDATE: Grab a $40 Ecomom voucher for only $18!

UPDATE: Even better, when you purchase your voucher you have the option of having 5% of your total going to help your child’s school!

Savings for Schools

5% of your purchase will be donated to the school of your choice (optional).
Enter referral code or click here to search for it:

My son’s school was listed, so of course, I clicked this option. A great way to give back! It’s only .90, but it’s .90 they wouldn’t have if I didn’t click this option.

Yesterday we were talking about saving money on organic and healthy products. So, when I spotted this deal, I just had to share it. Today, at Mama Source, you  can grab a $40 Ecomom voucher for just $18.The price is $20 for the $40 voucher, but if you use the code ECOMOM10 it will come down to $18!

Mama Source is a daily deal site similar to Plum District and Eversave, but shares deals that appeal specifically to moms. Shipping is a flat rate of $5.95 or if you spend $50 or more you can score free shipping. There are tons of deals on this site, including Melissa and Doug products!

Ecomom also has healthy, organic snacks for your kiddos! Here’s an idea of what you can score with your voucher once it arrives within 24 hours.

Revolution Foods Organic Fruit Shredz - Berry'liciousYo' Drops by Revolution Foods - Berry BlastRevolution Foods Organic Crunch'ems - Choco Chipster
Search the organic food category and you will see tons of Revolution Foods organic snacks. Add:
(1) Yo’ Drops -Berry Blast @ $3.99
(1) Crunch ems Choco Chipster @ $3.29
(1) Crunch ems Peanutty Pretzel @ $3.29
(1) Fruit Shreds Berry ‘licious @ $3.29
(2) Grammy Sammy Cocoa Graham & Banana Yogurt Bars @ $5.26 (for both)
(2) Grammy Sammy Honey Graham & Strawberry @ $5.26 (for both)
(2) Jammy Sammy Blueberry Oatmeal @ $5.26 (both)
(2) Jammy Sammy Grape Jelly & Peanut Butter @ $5.26 (both)
Grand Total $40.85
Subtotal $34.90
Shipping & Handling (Flat Rate Shipping – Flat Rate Shipping) $5.95
So, your total for 12 items would be $18 for voucher plus .85 overage= $18.85 or $1.57 each for organic healthy snacks shipped to your home!
When you checkout simply enter your  voucher code in the box to the bottom right of the checkout screen marked Promotion / Voucher code and it will take off the total of the voucher!
Thanks, Saving by Design!

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