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URGENT-Scooby Manhattan Center Shelter

I am trying everything in my power to pull this dog, Scooby, from the Manhattan Center Shelter. He is on the euthanize list for today. I’ve been trying since last night when I first found out about him. I am praying he is still alive. I found out about Scooby through this Face Book page. They let the world know of these urgent dogs in the hopes that people will adopt and rescues will pull these angels to safety.I’m following the rules and applying to rescues that are approved to pull this guy and get him safe.

He does not deserve this, especially at his age. He has some potential underlying health problems. He deserves to be comfortable for what time he has left if they turn out to be serious problems.

These sites get me upset, you’d think I’d learn. But, it happens everyday, it’s real.

E-mails and phone calls to the shelter were not returned so I do not know his status. If anyone has any advice on what more I can do, let me know, especially if you work with Manhattan Center.

Here is Scooby’s info: 
My name is SCOOBY. My Animal ID # is A0927305.
I am a neutered male tan germ shepherd mix. The shelter thinks I am about 9 years old.

I came in the shelter as a SEIZED on 03/22/2012 from NY 10001, owner surrender reason stated was OWN EVICT.

A volunteer writes: I am so sorry I did not spend time with Scooby earlier in his stay at the Care Center. What a handsome fellow. It is not that I did not see him in his kennel, always calm and composed with the sweetest and gentlest look on his face. A lovely wallflower… I guess, it is never too late to make a new friend… Scooby is a beautiful dog, standing tall in his flame colored coat that is intact, thick and shiny. His white muzzle tells us about his age. Scooby walks beautifully well on the leash and is very much housetrained. He is very obedient, sits and stays on command. He is nice to dogs met in the backyard. Scooby looks at people and other living creatures in a very peaceful way. He is quite a well behaved dog, friendly and who loves to be petted. Scooby was without any doubt a family pet, left with us as his master was experiencing serious difficulties. Scooby aced his behavioral evaluation . He is already neutered. As a result, he could leave the Manhattan Care Center as soon as your heart sets on him… He is really a good looking boy with a great SAFER that he deserves. A really well behaved gentleman who is friendly and very pleasant to be with. Quite a good loooking dog too. I hope he can be saved.

Helper926782 Scooby was calm and relaxed during handling and when playing tag with assessor, but was not interested in food, toys or rawhide. He does not approach other dog, attempts to exit. Look: 2. Dog pulls out of Assessor’s hands each time without settling during three repetitions. Sensitivity: 1. Dog stands still and accepts the touch, his eyes are averted, and his tail is in neutral position with relaxed body posture. Tag: 1. Follows at end of leash, body soft, with open mouth and ears relaxed Squeeze 1: 1. Dog gently pulls back his paw. Squeeze 2: 1. Dog does not respond at all for three seconds. Food: No interest Toy 1: No interest. Rawhide: 1. No interest. Dog-dog: 2. Dog does not approach the helper dog. Turns body to side in relation to other dog, and exits.

Medical rating was 4 NC, behavior rating was NOTDETERMN
SCAN NEGATIVE BRIGHT, ALERT, RESPONSIVE, HYDRATED PHYSICAL EXAM mass on left lumber area ear infection cleaned and applied otomax Severe tartar and staining Long nails trimmed Tense struggling tried to get away Nosf

Medical rating 4 C, behavior rating AVERAGE
QAR. coughing and SND noted in rounds. Otitis externa and geriatric with skin tags previously diagnosied A: Kennel cough P: Doxycycline 350mg PO SID for 10 days



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