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Furry Friday 3/2/12

I promised an update on all the animals I’ve featured thus far. In four posts, I’ve featured twenty-five animals. Unfortunately, only three have been adopted. I thought I was on a roll as I started checking and found that two animals had been adopted. I was wrong, twenty-two are still available. Adorable Hobo, Taz,  and Melissa ,the sweet kitty with one eye, have found their homes but there are many more still available. So, please go through past Furry Friday posts to see if your future furry friend is featured. That’s a lot of f’s:)

This really shows how long some animals wait in shelters and rescues for their forever home. I will keep updating and hopefully soon, all the animals featured will find homes!

I’m going to stay in PA this week and feature two dogs and two cats currently up for adoption. The first group of puppies is from Animal Resource Center in Bloomsburg, PA. Their names are: Burt, Ernie, Grover, Elmo, Cookie Monster and Roxie. Since I used to have a chocolate lab named Grover and I currently live next to two Beagles, Burt and Ernie, I thought it  was cute to name the litter after Sesame Street characters. They are boxer/ border collie mixes and their post can be reached here.

The other dog featured this week is Abba from Perry County Animal Rescue in Millerstown, PA. She is an American Bulldog, Pit Bull mix. Her post states “she just wants to have fun, to be cuddled, and loved”. You can get more information on Abba here.

Now, onto kitties. Maisey, a domestic shorthair female from Rescue our Furry Friends in Burnham is about two years old. Her post states “she is very affectionate and loves attention”. Visit her post to get more information.

The last kitty for this week is, Meg from Furry Friend’s Network in Boiling Springs, PA. She is a sweet nine month old kitten. She looks totally adorable and worthy of a visit. Meg is a domestic short hair/ calico mix.  Click here for more info on Meg.

Like always, Furry Friday is in no way sponsored by any of the featured shelters or rescues, or It is simply my way of getting the word out that there are many animals awaiting their forever homes.

Oh, and although these guinea pigs are not available to adopt, I’ thought I’d share their photo. It greeted me on the homepage of Petfinder today and made me smile. Reminds me of the G-Force movie, hilarious.


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