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Furry Friday 2/24

Hope you’re ready for another addition of Furry Friday. This week I’m featuring animals in Alaska and Hawaii.


This is George from Maui Humane Society in Puuene, HI. George is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier/ Cattle Dog mix. He is about four years old and “an affectionate boy who loves to give kisses”. Check out George’s post for more information on this sweet boy.




Now for a kitty from Animal Care Foundation in Honolulu, HI. Oz is a black and white kitty with special needs. He has chronic gingivitis and is on a special diet, as well as medication. His condition has left him without any teeth.  He has such a sad story. I really hope he finds a great home.









Now, on to Alaska ,which has no shortage of Siberian Huskies. So, it was very difficult for me to narrow it down to a few dogs. Spanky,  from Alaska Animal Friends Rescue in Anchorage, caught my attention right away. He is the featured pet of the month for this rescue so, he must have everyone else’s attention, too. He is a Klee Kai mix and looks like a miniature Siberian Husky. He only has one eye but that doesn’t seem to stop him. “He’s a really sweet little guy, he just needs a home that thinks so, too.” Check out his post for more info.



Hansel is another dog from AAFR. He is a sweet husky with a sad story. Visit his post for the story as well as a few more pictures of this 5 year old Husky. He was on a chain outside before coming into rescue. So, it is remarkable that he is doing well as an indoor dog. (Sometimes this transition can be difficult if the dog had little human contact). He looks like such a sweet boy. I hope he gets a great home that treats him like a member of the family.


One more Husky from Alaska SPCA, Anchorage AK. Dew’s story is so similar to my Buddy Boy’s that I had to feature her. Not to mention, they look as if they could be twins. Dew is five years old and is learning to trust humans. Her post does not state anything about her past but it must have been traumatic. It does state that she is “making tremendous progress” and is “associating people with positive things”.


Suki is the last animal for Alaska this week. She is a black and white domestic medium hair cat from Alaska Humane Society (Adopt-a-cat) in Anchorage.  “She is very pretty, personable, playful, and will be your best friend” Visit her post for more information.

Next week, on Furry Friday, I will be updating everyone on the animals I’ve posted so far. So, come back for the next Furry Friday to see who found their forever home and who is still looking for that special place to call “home”.

Just a reminder that Furry Friday is in no way sponsored by any of the rescues, shelters, or PetFinder. It is simply my way of showing the many animals available for adoption and hopefully inspiring my readers to adopt a pet in need.


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I am a stay-at-home mom who is passionate about my family, animal rescue, my vegan lifestyle, and leaving a kindness trail in my life. I created this blog to share things that inspire me.

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