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Furry Friday

I’m so excited for the second edition of Furry Friday! In case you missed it, Furry Friday is a new series of posts that debuted last week. In these posts, I will be highlighting some of the dogs and cats throughout the country that are in need of homes. Like I said last week, Furry Friday is in no way sponsored by any of the shelters, rescues, or PetFinder. It’s simply my way of showing the world some of the animals that are looking for their forever home in hopes that some of my readers will be inspired to adopt a pet. Last week’s Furry Friday can be found here.

Look at those adorable ears!!

This week we are starting in Florida again with Hobo. He has the cutest, big, floppy ears I’ve ever seen. Thank goodness they didn’t name him Dumbo, that would have been cruel. His post states that he is a senior (meaning an older dog) but it also states he has energy and loves to play. He is said to have a sweet personality. He looks like he has the most adorable personality and I bet he’d be a sweet dog to have in your family. You can visit Hobo’s post here to get more information on this sweet fellow. He is at SPCA, Inc. in Lakeland, FL.

Next up is Smokey, a beautiful blue-eyed, cream colored kitty from H. Dale Buck Memorial Fund Inc. of Emporia, Kansas. Her post just states “she is spayed and feline leukemia negative. Good with other cats.” To find a shelter that does feline leukemia tests is rare, at least in my area. The test is $40 per cat and become extremely costly when you have hundreds of cats in shelter. This is a very important test, especially if you have other kitties in your house. You can find out more about feline leukemia  here. Thankfully, Smokie is feline leukemia negative.  It is a horrible disease. Visit PetFinder to take a look at Smokie’s other pictures. She is beautiful.

Brooks is another beautiful (well, he’s a boy so we’ll call him handsome) cat. He is at Angel’s Care Animal Resuce, Inc. in Little Rock, AR. His post states that “he is a large guy that may seem like he’s a bit gruff, but he is all lover.” He loves to play and be petted. Brooks seems like a sweet kitty to give a home. So, if you are near Little Rock, you can find him at Angel’s Care Animal Rescue.


One more kitty for this Furry Friday. I feel like I need to shine the spotlight on the kitties throughout the US. since I’m going to highlight a few extra local dogs this week. Tyke is an adorable sweet Bengal mix from Casper, Wyoming. Her post doesn’t say much besides that “she is a another sweetie-pie, very  friendly, lovable, and likes other kitties. ” You can find out more about Tyke at Casper Cat Rescue.



Now for an extra special treat this week. I’m going to highlight a few local dogs from two shelters I work with from time to time. The first dog is Shadow from Hillside SPCA in Pottsville. Shadow is a seven month old German Shephard Mix who was surrendered by his owner when they said “he was just too big.” Newsflash: German Shephards are big! Sorry, that was my sarcastic moment of the day. But, really, people’s excuses for giving up their animals never cease to amaze me. Shadow is still a pup so, I’m sure he has tons of energy. He looks like such a sweet boy and a dog worth visiting. Hillside has many, many more dogs and cats available for adoption and is truly a unique shelter. You should definietely visit Hillside if you are close enough to Pottsville, PA. The staff truly cares for the animals and limits their time in kennels by letting them wander around, inside and out (in fenced in areas, of course). This is not seen in many shelters.
Stella is another puppy from Hillside SPCA. She is a six month old pit bull mix who has a unique brown “eye-patch”. She looks like such a sweetheart. I can’t believe someone would leave her behind when they moved. Her post states “she can be shy at times till she gets to know you.” If you would like more information on Stella contact Hillside SPCA.                                                                                                                                                         I couldn’t pass up this sweet boy from PSPCA, Danville Branch. I have a soft spot for the northern breeds (i.e. Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Alaskan Eskimo, etc..) Harley is a one year old Malamute Mix that you will have to see in person. For more information on Harley, contact Danville PSPCA. 

 For more information on any of the animals featured on Furry Friday please contact the rescues listed with their write-up or click on each animal’s link.



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