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It’s Back!!! The free sample tote from


UPDATE: Make sure when choosing products, they are in the green and natural section. If not, they will not count towards the deal and the sample bag will not be added to your cart.

A couple months ago, I took advantage of a deal from When you purchase $35 of select natural  products, you get an awesome sample tote ($40 value) for FREE! Let me tell you, I was super excited. I was even more excited when my order arrived only two days later. Take a look at what I got for $35 shipped. Jason Tea Tree Oil Normalizing Shampoo, Jason deodorant, two (yes, there is one missing) Jason  kids toothpastes, Jason Vitamin C Cleanser, Jason lotion tub (free), and tons of samples. Some of the samples in the Biokleen tote included: Crystal deodorant, Luna Bar, protein bar, dog treats, Burt’s Bees lotion etc..

My deal was even sweeter because I purchased $35 of Jason products and got a free tub of lotion, so in addition to my 4 Jason products, I got a free tub of lotion and a cool tote bag filled with a ton of samples. The tote is large and durable and makes a great re-usable grocery bag. Let me tell you, that Luna bar pictured below is amazing. It was chocolate covered coconut and didn’t last past the day I received my package.

To take advantage of this awesome deal, click on this link. Click the orange shop now button in order to have the sample tote automatically added to your cart (after you add $35 of eligible products). As always with, when you spend $25 or more you get free shipping. If you have Shop Runner, you can get free 2 day shipping instead. But, like I said above, last time my order arrived in two days with the regular free shipping!

Once you go through the link above, click on the banner that states “free gift with purchase” to see all the free gift offers currently available. This is what I did last time to get the free tub of Jason lotion. Make sure your products are in the green and natural department. Items in any other department will not count towards this promotion. I tried to add the Yes to Carrots products, thinking they were green and natural, however they are classified under beauty, and will not work.  Be sure to let me know what deals you scored! Oh, and HURRY, the sample totes don’t last long!


Thanks, Hip2Save!


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