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If you are heading out to Wal Mart, be sure to check out their great clothing clearance. My store had “clearance” balloons all over and big display shelves in the front of the store with clearance items from all clothing departments (kids, baby, men, and woman).

You can't beat this price for shorts!

I was able to find some great deals on plaid toddler shorts for $1.50 and athletic style for $2.50. They also had all winter coats and snow pants 50% the lowest ticketed price. In the boys department, most coats were$8.50 after the mark downs, snow pants $10, and woman’s fleece and lined sweatshirts for $8.50.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Keep in mind that prices vary by store and the time of the clearance sale may vary as well. If you were planning on heading to Wal Mart, I’d go soon since some of the popular sizes were already being picked out. I wasn’t really able to get anything for my older son, they only had large, x-large, 10/12 and 14/16 in the boys section. In the toddler section, it was the opposite. All the larger sizes were picked out and the smaller ones were left (12 mos and 12mos were plentiful). Good luck and feel free to let us know what you are able to find!

I got 9 pairs of shorts and a dress for $16 (Yes, there are two pairs of shorts missing because my son just had to wear them).


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