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Rainy Day Lentil Soup

a big pot of my lentil soup!

On a rainy and cold day there is nothing I like better than making a big pot of soup. This recipe is one of my favorites and even though it is vegan, the whole family enjoys it.


8 cups of water

2 vegetable bouillon cubes (i use Knorr’s)

1 small onion, diced

2 cloves of garlic, sliced

half a 16 oz. bag of lentils

1/2 cup uncooked,  plain couscous

10 baby carrots, chopped

1 stock of celery, chopped (optional, I usually don’t add this because I don’t care for celery in soup but, my family does)

sea salt & pepper to taste


Place the water in the pot and  heat on high. Take one cup of the water and put in a microwave safe cup or container. Place the boullion cubes in the cup and microwave for about two minutes or until the bouillon is soft and makes broth. Place in the pot. (this helps to eliminate chunks of bouillon floating in your pot).

Add the onion, garlic, carrots, celery (if using) and lentils.

Season with sea salt and pepper (i use about 1 tsp sea salt and 1/2 teaspoon pepper)

Cook on medium-low for about a half hour or until carrots and lentils are cooked. Lentils should be a little chewy but not hard.

Add the couscous and cook for another 15 mins on low

Turn off heat. Let soup cool for a few minutes then enjoy.

If you are not vegan, you can add Parmesan cheese to the top when serving! (or use a vegan Parmesan)


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I am a stay-at-home mom who is passionate about my family, animal rescue, my vegan lifestyle, and leaving a kindness trail in my life. I created this blog to share things that inspire me.

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