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Crowdtap: TWO FREE Tees or Tanks from Old Navy!

Have you heard of Crowdtrap yet? If you didn’t, you need to read this post! I’ve been a member of Crowdtrap for 6 months now and I love it! I am a member of a few marketing and survey type sites and Crowdtrap is by far one of the easiest. No jumping through hoops for free products, frequent opportunities, and easy to earn points and level up.

What is Crowdtrap, you ask? It is a marketing site that allows consumers the opportunity to pair with popular brands to influence and try new products.

From now until Valentine’s Day, they have an awesome opportunity from Old Navy. You can apply to Old Navy’s Sample and Share Opportunity and have the chance to win two free Old Navy tees and tanks. One for you and one to give to a friend!

Not everyone will be chosen to apply. But what you can do to increase your chance is:

1) Sign Up for Crowdtrap! It’s free and a great opportunity to score some FREE products.

2) Complete all your available missions, filling out your profile and completing as many missions as possible, will award you points and should bump you to level two.

3) Complete all your quick hits. These are mini polls and surveys that  reset frequently so be sure to check your e-mail to see if more become available.

4)If you unlock the Old Navy Sample and Share Opportunity, it will show up in your actions. Click on new actions and apply as soon as it’s unlocked.

5)You will be asked a few question and will be notified via e-mail if you are chosen for the opportunity. This will be awarded in the form of a free product coupon for you and a friend.

Let me know if you have any questions about Crowdtrap. I think it’s a great opportunity. I’ve gotten a pair of jeans for me and for a friend in the past from Old Navy and I love them! Be sure to let me know if you were chosen! Good Luck!


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